5 Reasons Why Babies Wear Onesies Under Everything

Do you know why babies wear onesies under everything? It’s not just for warmth – there are plenty of other reasons!

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5 Reasons Why Babies Wear Onesies Under Everything

With my daughter, I didn’t think twice about her wearing onesies or not. It was obvious to me that babies should wear a onesie under their outfits, and for that reason, onesies were a staple of my daughter’s wardrobe and I had them in every color, size, and type. I later then discovered that there are many schools of thought on the matter! Some of my mom’s friends don’t ever put their babies in onesies while others do it religiously. I started to wonder if I was missing something.

So, after looking into it deeper and asking other moms who put their babies in onesies as well, I realized that there are several reasons why babies wear onesies under everything. These benefits I found actually made me more comfortable about my decision to keep my daughter in onesies! And I thought I should share them here so that other moms would benefit from this information too.

From keeping your baby comfortable and warm to making diaper changes easier and protecting your baby’s skin against irritating objects, a onesie is a must-have for your baby’s wardrobe. Whatever the reason, there are many benefits to adding a onesie under your baby’s outfits. So here are 5 good reasons why babies wear onesies under everything:

Reason #01: A Onesie Keeps Baby Warm

This is one of the most obvious reasons why you would put a onesie under your baby’s clothes, especially in the winter season. Wearing just separate tops and bottoms can actually make your baby feel colder as there are more opportunities for drafts to sneak in. A onesie eliminates those drafty areas and keeps your little one nice and cozy.

Additionally, shirts usually ride up easily and can leave your baby’s back and midriff exposed to the elements. A onesie prevents this from happening and keeps your baby’s whole body covered and protected from cold. I personally still haven’t figured out a way of picking up my daughter without having her clothes all ride up, so a onesie is definitely a lifesaver in that respect!

Reason #02: A Onesie Protects Baby’s Skin

This benefit is what makes me keep putting a onesie under all my daughter’s outfits. A onesie keeps your baby covered properly and protected from getting irritated by all sorts of things, like a weird seam on their clothes.

A onesie is also useful for protecting your baby’s belly and back from hot or cold metal parts on shopping carts and car seats. Tops also tend to ride up easily during tummy time or floor play when your baby is crawling or just wiggling about, and when there’s a onesie under their clothes, you don’t have to worry about carpet burns or irritation from the floor. Babies have very sensitive skin so this is a big plus for me!

Reason #03: A Onesie for Diaper Blowouts

I know that some blowouts can go through literally everything, but having a onesie on does help contain the mess a little bit better. It also protects your baby’s clothes from getting ruined in case of a blowout. If you’ve ever had to deal with a blowout, you know that it’s not a pleasant experience, so anything that can make it even slightly better is worth it in my book!

I find that a onesie also helps to keep the diaper in place, especially as it gets a bit heavier when it’s full. This is especially important for babies who are mobile enough and like to wiggle around a lot!

Reason #04: A Onesie as An Outfit Backup Plan

This is a big one, especially for new moms. Spit up in the first months of baby’s life is practically a given. No matter how much you try to avoid it, there will be times when your baby spits up all over their clothes, especially the top part. One of the perks of having a onesie underneath is that you can simply take off the top layer of clothes and avoid having to change their whole outfit if you’re out and about.

There are onesies in such cute prints and styles that you can just take off the top of your baby’s outfit and have the onesie be a shirt on its own! This has saved me many times when we’re out and about and my daughter decides to have a little spit-up party.

Reason #05: A Onesie Keeps the Diaper out Of Reach

Most babies go through a phase where they love to play with and pull on their diapers. It’s actually quite amusing to watch, but it can also be a bit frustrating when you’re constantly having to readjust their diapers.

A onesie helps to keep the diaper out of reach of curious little hands and gives your baby less of a chance to get at their diaper and stick their hand in it, which can also be unhygienic as they could get pee or poop on their hands and put it in their mouths afterward.

Bottom Line

So there you have it, five good reasons why babies wear onesies under everything! The only con I can see to putting a onesie under your baby’s clothes is if it’s extremely hot outside and you’re trying to keep them cool. In that case, it is better to skip the extra layer if you’re trying to avoid a heat rash. Otherwise, I think a onesie is a great piece of clothing to have for your baby and I would highly recommend it for all the benefits it provides.

I hope this has helped you to see the benefits of this wardrobe staple for your little one. Do you have any other reasons to add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

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